Surrendering Your Pet

If you need to surrender your pet please be aware there is a $50 charge per animal.  We accept dogs from St. Thomas, Aylmer and the Townships of Central Elgin, Malahide and Southwold.  Only cats from St. Thomas will be accepted when room permits.  We also have a cat waiting list which you can be placed on to bring in a cat as soon as room is available, if there is no room at the time of your inquiry.  

Any vet records, and information you can give us regarding the surrendered animal is key to finding a new home for your pet.  Please consider professional behaviour advice/services for a pet that has a behaviour problem that you are having difficulty dealing with.  In some cases undiscovered medical conditions can cause a pet's negative behaviour, and should always be ruled out as a cause for the behaviour.  We highly recommend contacting rescue groups first to see if they would be able to take in your animal, see the Rescue Resources page for a list of rescue groups.

We reserve the right to refuse any owner surrender.