Stray Dogs and Cats

Stray dogs or cats found in the City of St. Thomas can be picked up by any resident and delivered to The City Animal Services Centre to be sheltered.  No feral cats will be accepted.  All stray cats must be friendly and able to be handled by humans.

Dogs and cats may be reclaimed by an owner with proper payment of the redemption fee.  Redemption fees cover impound charges and board (of every day including part of a day).  If a dog or cat is not claimed within 72 hours of impound the owner forfeits the pet and all rights to it.  All unclaimed pets beyond the redemption period are screened for temperament and health.

Staff members may be away from the shelter throughout the day.  It is best to call ahead and set up a time to drop in.  Call 519-631-7430 to make an appointment.