Sign Permits

A sign permit is formal permission from the municipality to commence construction of a sign. It means that plans submitted for the sign have been reviewed by the municipality for compliance to the Ontario Building Code, the zoning bylaw and other applicable law. 

Sign permits are necessary to ensure that zoning requirements, structural safety standards, and other applicable regulations are met. It's the property owners' responsibility to ensure that a sign permit is obtained when necessary. 

Sign permits are required for all types of signs such as but not limited to the following; pedestal signs, ground signs, building fascia signs and roof signs. 

Sign permit fees are based on the type of sign: 

Pedestal/ground sign: $250
Building fascia sign:    $100
Roof sign:                    $100 

Completed Sign Permit Applications should be submitted to Building Services,  a section of the City of St-Thomas Environmental Services Department. Should you have enquiries please call Building Services at (519) 631-1680 ext. 4160 

Sign permit fees subject to change without notice.