The City of St. Thomas offers a two stream recycling collection program to its residents. This means that paper products must be separated from food containers.  Please see below for information on how to sort your materials correctly. 

Recyclable boxes (blue and grey) are collected on garbage day on a bi-weekly basis. Recyclable collection occurs on the opposite week as green cart collection. Please refer to the Collection Routes to determine your correct day and what schedule to follow for organics and blue box collection (A or B Schedule). Once you have determined your day and schedule follow along with the Collection Schedule

Blue Box Set Out Requirements

  • Boxes (blue and grey) must be to curbside by 7:00 am on your collection day
  • Boxes (blue and grey) must be within 1 meter (3 feet) of the travelled portion of the road
  • Box and contents can not weigh more than 20kg (45lbs)
  • Residents may use containers that are not City issued blue and grey boxes as long as they are easily identifiable as recyclable material and meet all other guidelines (i.e., can not weigh more than 45lbs).

Accepted Items and How to Sort

Ideally, residents would use 2 separate blue boxes, one for the paper stream and one for the Commingle Container Stream. If 2 blue boxes is not an option for you, please see below for information on how to manage your recyclables.

Paper Stream

Commingle Container Stream

Boxboard (cracker, cereal, boxes)
Fine paper
Telephone Books
Cardboard  (flattened and bundled
no larger than 30" x 30" x 8")

Metal Food & Beverage Cans
Glass Jars and Bottles
 Rigid Plastic Containers (#1-7)
Aluminum Pie Plates and Foil
Empty Paint cans (lids removed)
Empty Aerosol cans
Milk Cartons, Juice Boxes, Ice Cream tubs
Paper drink cups (lids removed)
Cardboard cans (ex. coffee cans, chip cans)
Blister packaging

Placed loose into a separate BLUE box.

Place rinsed and loose into GREY box.
Please remember to remove caps and lids.

Wine and Spirit bottles and containers can be returned to The Beer Store for deposit 

Replacement/Extra Blue or Grey Boxes 

Replacement or additional blue and grey boxes may be purchased at City Hall - Environmental Services Department for $8.00 each. 

What happens to the material once it leaves the curb?