Ontario Works - Mission Statement

The St. Thomas-Elgin Ontario Works Department supports and facilitates the efforts of the Ontario Works participants in achieving self-sufficiency by delivering to eligible participants the full range of financial assistance and employment programs in accordance with: 

  • Ontario Works Act and Regulations
  • Ministry of Community and Children's Services and Ministry of Children and Youth Directives
  • Local Business Practices

Guiding Principles 

  1. We provide the appropriate level and mix of Ontario Works services to our participants to facilitate their best route to self-sufficiency.
  2. We provide timely, responsive and consistent services.
  3. We coach our participants to support their efforts towards self-sufficiency.
  4. We model successful behaviours for our participants.
  5. We communicate clearly, concisely and responsively with our participants.
  6. We protect the privacy and respect the confidentiality of our participants.
  7. We uphold our participant’s rights and inform them of their responsibilities.
  8. We provide services within City Council prescribed budgets and approvals.
  9. We work with the community in providing the best possible quality of service to our participants.
  10. We support the efforts of our departmental colleagues towards comprehensive customer service for our participants.
  11. We conduct our business with professionalism and accountability.