Ontario Works - Learning, Earning And Parenting, (LEAP) Program

LEAP is a program provided to parents between the ages of 16 and 21 and their children and provides a range of supports to help parents complete high school, enhance their parenting skills, and prepare them to enter the workforce. There are three elements involved in the LEAP program. 

LEARNING: The learning element of LEAP promotes high school graduation by requiring participants to regularly attend an educational program that ultimately leads to a high school diploma. Higher education leads to better paying jobs and more employment opportunities in the labour market.

EARNING: Participants in the LEAP program are encouraged to enter into school co-op programs that allow for on the job training as well as part time or summer employment that provides a little income relief.

PARENTING: The parenting and child development element of LEAP promotes children’s growth and development by supporting parents to become more effective caregivers and educators. Please ask your worker for a list of all available parenting programs and choose the program that best suits you and your child.

In addition, young parents involved in the LEAP program may be entitled to:

  • Financial assistance with school activities
  • Planned parenting activities
  • Subsidized child care
  • Transportation cost assistance
  • A $500 incentive upon graduation