Ontario Works - Basic Education Assistance

If you do not have a grade 12 education, your worker will encourage you to complete your secondary education (Grade 12 or equivalency) at an adult learning facility or attend a short-term occupational skills training course. 

Your pathway to employment will be based on your present skill level and your future education requirements necessary to achieve your employment goal. You and your worker may discuss:

Basic Education including programs designed to offer people opportunities to:
  • Complete secondary school education (Grade 12 or equivalency)
  • Improve language skills;
  • Upgrade literacy and numeric skills.
Please note that Basic Education does not include post secondary education.
Alternatively, you may discuss opportunities for Job-Specific Skills Training including:
  • Basic workplace skills (i.e. WHIMS, basic computer, general office procedure)
  • Short-term occupational skills-training courses (i.e. forklift operator)