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Current Subdivision & Condominium Files

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision - Harvest Run Phase 2A
(formerly Axford Farm) File No. 34T-17504

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision - Miller's Pond Phase 2A
(formerly Parish Farm) File No. 34T-17503

Proposed Residential Draft Plan of Subdivision
File No. 34T-17502

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision - Shaw Valley Phase 6
File No. 34T-17501

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision - Orchard Park South Phase 4
File No. 34T-16504

Proposed Draft Plan of Vacant Land Condominium - Orchard Park South Phase 3
File No. 34CDM-16502

Proposed Vacant Land Condominium - Shawside Developments
File No. 34CDM-16501

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision - Parish Farm Development Area
File No. 34T-15501

Current Site Plan Control Files

SPC 03-17 - 672 Talbot Street
*Please note that the meeting for this application has been
postponed at the request of the applicant*

Current Official Plan & Zoning Amendment Files

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
Harvest Run Ph 2A - File No. 2-10-17

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
File No. 2-09-17

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
1 Silver Street - File No. 2-08-17

Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment
141 Wellington Street - 3-03-17 and 2-07-17

Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment
292 Wellington Street - File No. 2-06-17

Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment
1218 Talbot Street - File Nos. 3-02-17 & 2-05-17

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment - 33 & 35 Elm Street
File No. 2-04-17

Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment
780 Talbot Street - File Nos. 3-01-17 & 2-02-17

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment - 245 Edward Street
File No. 2-01-17

Current Part Lot Control Files

PLC 02-17 - Springwater Developments Inc.

For additional information on any of the above Planning Notices, please contact the Planning & Building Services Department at 519-633-2560.

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